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than the curriculum. i feel liquor maybe it's under oath educational issues. i have to say the curriculum committee has mapped out the curriculum. it does touch a lot of what's going on. finally, i wanted to offer a resource for translation so i'm the liaison for the san francisco fund a we have volunteer interpreters that are available to meetings and i encourage you to get in touch with the san francisco education fund. >> thank you. i'm sorry i have to say i've had a hard time hearing but i'm happy we want to take this issue up in multiple committees because i think those issues have been unresolved for years. i'm happy to see we want to have the training. i think one of the things we should talk about is the division rule that the council never included parents was to be represented the communities that were had a specific interest in and expertise and the monitoring of our language programs. it seems that the very committed and parents have become members of the bilingual council and have been diluting it's oversight connection and also maybe dloouth some of that lead
and get information ton special education and mid school feeders and also the admission process. you can attend the early bird process on thursday october 17th from 5 to 7:00 p.m. in the board of education room 555 franklin street or saturday october 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the board of education meeting room at 555 franklin or also on friday, october 25th in the board of education room. i encourage all our families to please attend and gather the information for the enrollment process. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to report at the fifth annual partnership recognition event the community partnership award was for you can say sex carbon monoxide for trauma training and for training to your highest needs schools. it's 23 in partnership with the superintendents were over 1 thousand 1 hundred students have been directly impacted. the schools that partnered with our uc f hearts program has had an decrease in violence. they've given over 1 hundred hours to our unified school district staff. i'd like to aggravated assault on behalf of san francisco unified school distr
francisco supreme court the board of education approved by the a vote of 5 yeses and settlement prudent to the district will resend a educational benefit allow the employee to retroactively resign and pay the employee the sum of 5 hundreds as a petition for a writ of men and women democrat and all possible claims against the district will be dropped. in arbitration matters and case and u.s. grievance number case no. ar b12 dash 2 r-7 the board of education approvals a supplement prudent to which the district will make 62 bargaining unit members. cumulative totally $500 plus in exchange for a dismissal claims relatively to the 2012 low implementation. do we have the vote on the last item >> 4 i's one a bit estimation. >> so in the matter of g l vs. the san francisco unified school district case no. 20168 percent 2 the board of education gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. in the united education matters pe rb case the board of education approved by the vote a supplemental prudent to which the district will pay 3 hours of extended hours pay to special
clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you all right. discussions of other educational issues. mr. superintendant i believe you have a presentation >> yes. i'd like to call in the chief of staff to update the board on the vision 2014 process. it's an exciting process and this is about a two hour update (laughter) i'm just checking for update no, it's going to be very short >> good evening commissioners and thank you so much. first of all, i want to thank the superintendent and the board of education for sponsoring this great voigs process. we worked for many months to design a process that would help us reenvision education for our students in san francisco. there are handout here and i'll start the presentation to keep us rolling. basically, we have a saying if we have a plan for today and envisioning tomorrow. we roelsdz the plan to clarifying how all of us work together to support the structural core around the teachers and students and families and instruction and that plan is being rolled out in helping us to build the penicillin with our quality improvement system. i don'
will now move on to item t the closed session action for the meeting the board of education approved the contract for one intifrm principle and one administrator. the board of education approved a minor modification of the schools contract with distribution to redraft the contract to include that modification. in the matter of g l vs. the unified school district case no. 80862 the board of education gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. wait a minute this is the vote total can't be correct and i also did not vote on that item you need to look at the vote totals again. so we may need to read this anti. can we clarify that before the at the end of this meeting. in the existing litigation meeting vs. the unified school district san francisco supreme court the board of education approved by the a vote of 5 yeses and settlement prudent to the district will resend a educational benefit allow the employee to retroactively resign and pay the employee the sum of 5 hundreds as a petition for a writ of men and women democrat and all possible claims against the
who we are as we're trying to recruit people. he want to know what the board of education plans are to promote the b cc as you're looking to help us be a positive part of the team working with english language are learners along with pack we want to them to know how the promotion of the b cc as well as the teaching to continue to promote the b cc. i know we're on the we are talking about and posting our agenda and what else can we do it promote the b cc. we'd a lot of the board members to come and some folks have come and we've changed our meetings so i think there was a conflict with one thought i think it was one of your subcommittee meetings and we can be flexible and is if there's another conflict while try to resolve those. we courage the b o e commissioners to regularly check in with our appointees. but it would be great if you regularly check in with the people you've appointed to keep a finger other than the pulse of the b cc. number 2 we instructional with timely translations. it's our right and responsibility to ask for translations as better can be asking for translat
empathize a lot of he parents and now we hear that the educators can be brought to the table too. i'm wondering if it would strengthen the delake and also you talked about your concerns about the members being appointed by next august. maybe it would reach tout out to the delake. i think those are two committees we want to see that are strong and a represent our voice of english learners. so i think when i read a report like this you said there were only 5 members there and delake could be lacking los also in strength. i'm concerned they're not up to the full advocates for our students. this is where i come from. i'm not suggesting it only requesting that. it came to mind >> sorry i'm so special because i'm charged with data over 6 years. so i'm not sure i will understand all but delake is a long-term problem because the families are from the elementary school school it's me. and those 92 no new face coming. and another problem is the bbc person. it's a lot of information go back to school talk to the parents and for the policy what do you do and a talking for your school the paren
and sometimes, we have a educate people who are scared, you know, about the changes that are happening in the community. that's often what we have to bear with but i'd like to think that's something we can do and people who are attended e opposed can work hard to meet the people who are doing a lot of great work in the neighborhood. so i'll be supportive of this resolution here today. i will not be - i'm not in favor of changing the languages or stabilizing it for more information. my experience with the homeless camp so over the years. i'm concerned the count is being inaccurate and i find the homeless numbers is very sound and its something i give a lot of creed dance too. i'm surprised that the numbers are highway. i hear all the time about the homeless people in the streets. people have access to food, bombards and a place to sleep that can alleviate problems and a decrease in the impacts of homelessness there by having the facilities in place. i want to thank everyone for coming hero and touching envy heart. i want to entries, you know, i understand the concerns that have come up
transforming our education system as described as struggling in the past with a lot of different barriers and opening up to our effort to involve a larger picture of what our residents and their families really want to do in the great city of san francisco and how do we attract those families to stay here. i go to technology visits every tech tour tuesday and meet with thirty or 40 employees of those companies and many of them know their ipos won't come in like other families they want to be here and work in jobs by the first thing is what are we doing that the schools. that's the birthing sign of viechltd. the best investment is to create a family here because that means you've got fabricate in the way we've treated our schools and the private-public partnering we have. in addition the technology gap that sales force is helping us today with offer $1.7 million in the other person ipads and the tinge goes with it is the training of features tea administrators. that's similar to what auto deck zinc gesture offers. it's the support mechanisms. it's one thing to announce the gift bus it's th
faintly business. but education america went work out doubt from the best education to almost god awesome now. we still have the best education in america and quality out of the graduate school is great but national level education is required a lot of the work we do out of the lab is in the energy spates. at the scale you want to effect the economy one of the revolutions is going to be the transfer from a economist economy. there's a lot of manufacturing in that and we don't have policies on robotics to make those things. so things are much bigger in the maker movement in terms of impacting the economic we're not having consistent policy >> the carbon basis life form i'm concerned. >> you've been replaced by a robot. >> i have a couple of things one is at a simplistic level. there's this rhetoric we need to reforearm the defeat it's a global economy and when you look at the parts and supplies and protection policies that seems like a good idea until you realize you're using parts from all over the accruing world. and the granted program be reapplied into a national program that complo
increased ak access to after school students as opportunities as a part of our comprehensive education plan and to building a family-friendly city. in the last 30 years as was well articulated during the debate around flexible work schedules and president chiu, it's 77.3 percent of school ages children mothers are in the labor force. 15.1 million children take care of themselves from the time they get home from school. after school is not an only alternative place away from home, it's a place for children to spend time after school and they have better grades, work habits and more positive relationships with their peers and are able to develop critical thinking and arts. for someone who worked in these programs, i saw how this helped young people and enhanced their connections and peers and soft skills and in incredibly important. as we continue to make drastic cuts to our public schools which our state continues to make, we often see a shortening of our school day which the a detriment to the young people. it's essential to education. this is a discussion that my former school board colle
as a seminal chafrng point in public education in san francisco moving forward. before i go any further i want to recognize our members our elected commissioner commissioner joel winning who's with us this morning (clapping) >> i'd like to recognize commissioner matt haney who is with us thank you. and playing a dual rule the mayors commissioner mendosa mcdonald who is here with us (clapping) and the heroes in my mind absolutely the folks that led the work effecting lives each and every day our entire principle group is here today. can you stand so we can applaud you? thank you. thank you for being here. and obviously, we want to thank our principle here at martin luther king middle school natalie for opening her doors to us (clapping) >> i'd like to okay as well as our assistant superintendant ms. jean i didn't pond. (clapping). >> our director of middle schools mr. richard curbing i didn't (clapping). >> and you may have heard r a word or two is our superintendant that supervisors our k 12 schools and, of course, i will introduce him look at later in the program but your absolutely visio
inspiring that was and learning about the students and the education. just you know that it takes something like that make changes in the district. and i'm also concerned about just about mostly about student engagement and having enough students because the friday there were only 3 students out of a hundred i guess it should be a much higher number this and that. they're the number one stakeholders in the district so it's important we engage students more than we have in the future and i want to say the social media is a good way to do that. >> thank you. doctor >> i want to say the logan's remarks. i found that having the students participate was meaningful. like one of the examples was what would the high school student be in the year 20025 and they said that school would be at the 10:00 a.m. because kids need to sleep in there would be paid internships >> but really i wanted to thank the superintendant and a, of course, ms. marianna and in particular our funders. this wouldn't be possible without the philanthropists and those who created the basis for far-reaching thinking a
the best for them educational and environmentally. i want to extend a special thanks to victor of custodian and helping me with the lincoln high. i want to express the thanks to my principle mr. payne. for creating an environment that fits high standards and helps everyone including our students as capable of - contributing and accountability. thanks good night >> (clapping). >> thank you. madam president and members of the board we would like to present a special tribute this evening or evening a colleague who passed away san francisco unified school district caveat and english learner advocate. her husband and daughter is here. is michelle here as well. the san francisco unified school district honor the memory of our educator and english advocate. during here career she was an administrator at the consult department and what is actively involved with the b cc and this latino america association. her continuous advocacy made a positive difference in our schools and community. we would like to present this to you, sir >> (clapping) >> on behalf of my family and myself we would like to t
and the board of education. i want to recognize our clerk today from sfusd and we want to thank our staff at sfgtv who make our meetings public and transcribe all of our public meetings. first, i do need to take a motion to excuse commissioner wynns from today's meeting and also supervisor breed, who are you replacing today? >> i'm replacing supervisor avalos. >> okay. so we need a motion to excuse commissioner wynns and supervisor farrell. can we take that motion? we'll take that motion without opposition. in their places we have supervisor london breed and we are joined by hide era mendoza. we have we are item on our list. please call the item. >> the clerk: item 1: hearing - san francisco unified school district's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programming]1310101.sponsor: kimhearing to present san francisco unified school district's package of initiatives related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programming, including the mayor's middle school leadership initiative, at the joint city and school district select committee >> the clerk: sf 11234 >>
and supporting teachers on-site and the plc learning community of educators leading this work. all schools have had wireless technology to be effectively able to use technology. that's been very exciting. students and teachers are actively using this intentional to enhance learning and school experiences. here is a highlight. i don't know if you can see the photos of students using and engaging in the ipads. they are very excited. i can't tell you how thrilling it has been from the ground up to getting the project up and running to see the devices with the students engaging with the technology on a daily basis. next steps. so i'm sure many of you have heard about the visioning work that our district is undertaking called vision 25. we are in the process of setting and defining the space with the mayor. the planning process will now expand to middle grades of k-8 and we'll folks on -- focus on long-term and short-term for our middle use of family experience. are there any questions? >> really this is more of a comment. i'm glad you addressed the k-8 issue. i wanted to for the benefit of our c
, the national park service has not addressed the issue of civilian signage, education, reciprocity of enforcement of managing issues. the preferred alternative overly restrictive given that the national park service has not taken intermediate steps to educate the public and users about what is required for coexistence. in addition, reciprocal enforcement of animal welfare laws provide additional alternatives to these restrictions. primer example that i would raise is with the dog charlie that attacked the national park service police course last year . that was a situation where there were claims people did not know horses came through there. and so signage would have been one area that would've been helpful and educational to prevent such an event from happening. in addition, it was the city's vicious and dangerous dog unit of the police department that help hearing about that dog and was involved in enforcement issues around it so there's room for reciprocity of enforcement as well. accordingly adaptive management plan might include signs, [inaudible] enforcement of these rules o
of low income students in the program. therefore be it resolved that the board of education requests the superintendant to explore developing a plan for all students to finish or eat their breakfast at the beginning of the school day and we have one speaker ms. signing solomon you have 2 minutes >> thank you susan exclusive vice president. i think this is a great idea. it will help you never skip breakfast as some of you know. i taught kindergarten and this is helpful. some extra assistance in keeping the classrooms clean would help and teachers are keeping food in their classrooms and they get problems with rod dents. and having the correct complainers so if there can be some way of making sure everyone gets some help in the classrooms for keeping it clean. and at the for this resolution >> thank you, ms. solomon. >> i neglected to call on ms. o'keef any comments you want to make about this request before we move into any discussion. >> thank ou good evening. no, just to say we're excitedblast about this resolution and we look forward to working with the staff and our union partn
you for the opportunity i'm the coordinator the education support. i would like to begin by appreciating all of you who carefully reviewed our petition. we have grateful we had the opportunity to serve a difference group of students in the wonderful city of santa fe san francisco. we continue support all our students this year is an exciting time for public education with the recommendation of the impending role out. we've been provided great opportunities. the local funding formula will allow us greater responsibility to make sure we're providing technically rich education. at the chapter school we're excited to prepare the citizens for the 21st century. the arts and curriculum we foster the learning and innovation schools. please accept our warm invitation to come and visit our city hall school and see all the wonderful learning experiences each and every day >> hi, i'm here to support the charter reluctant. i'm a parent of 3. i have a second and sixth grader and one csa graduate who is successful at the school of the arts. i'm a board member and want to say a few word
cuts as we've seen in 2005 and 2006, the public education fund which are dollars to fund schools, dedicated to children and family activities are essential in supporting families when the state continues to cut this. as this board knows well i have always supported city schools and never think this is a bad expenditure of our dollars. san francisco has made an incredible front in the last several years to increase access to the programs and increase the quality of the programs citywide. the citywide collaboration is known in expanding known in collaborative and lead by dcyf. in terms of active collectively we have 70 percent of k through 8 children want to enroll in one. as though this is a much higher percentage, we would like to see more access. project k through fund has been an important program and we would like to see this improve. i'm proud to have served on the first year of the prop age fund advisory committee that helps guide originally how it's allocated the first $10 million for the 55,000 students whether it was on libraries, arts, sports, bathrooms, and many other
education person >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate that the self testing has moved to the fourth day of school for the kindergarten students in order to remind families of testing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate f u s d listening to our concerns about translation on this website site we look forward to work with the assuring equate to communities generated websites. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the b cc appreciates the accountability data that has been generated for the students progress. this initial data has helped to engage our dialog with the district >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the l l d report card it is important for communicating progress to our families. we appreciate that k through 5 implementation happened last year. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we like to honor and recognize the work and commitment to a bbc member who served for many years and recently passed away. thank you >> thank you cindy. >> so, now in our packet you have the copy of the bilingual observation report for the observations we made in
in the work force and education but still not stem jobs and women are in the work force and college enrollment but a huge gap with men and women in stem jobs. over all increases in u.s. demand for scientist and engineers, we are going to see a much greater demand. we try to encourage women in the stem field because there is a wage gap compared to non-fields for women. those in stem field are over represented in life sciences such as biology and medicine and under represented in computer science. google shared this with the staff by the national science foundation that compares the number of stem job openings with the number of college graduates through 2018. so we have a gaping hole in the number of graduates computing. there is expected to be 140,000 jobs in this field annually and only 50,000 graduates. so let's spend the next few minutes how sfusd is preparing our kids for stem fields. according to the research, there is nine computer program sections and three computer literacy classes in sfusd. the numbers are pretty low. one of the reasons is that computer science doesn't meet ecg requi
on the payroll and it's more an educational opportunity as opposed to you to trying to spin it atkins as a entrepreneurship. there's places to find plays like on a berkley >> who's the biscuit employer of your membership. >> we have a few in the top spots but in terms of companies it's browserers in terms of employee basis we have about 1 hundred and 50 employees and it includes anchor and a company you guys have walked by a million times lee ma electronics owns a huge building on 19th and folsom. they're great because they can do electronic contract manufacturing up to scale here 90 in san francisco. another company we learned about makes private label belts for any belt out of macy's or norton's it's made in a company in united states bay view and trader engineering has a manufacturing capacitate has pretty much you've got belts you never think of food and beverage and beer is food and engineering >> and the biggest employer in san francisco it's not your member i mean, i presume there are tons of mustard here and i think we're a relatively small city we have about 90 percent or
for our services. the goal of our outreach is to educate and inform businesses about the resources available to them. then we also want to help the businesses by guiding them through the available services that they have from city departments and to provide them with someone on the ground who can take the concerns back to city hall. we want to see these businesses succeed and we want to do a better job of providing the assistance earlier and addressing the issues sooner. direct assistance to us means being attentive to businesses from the mundane to removing a garbage can in front of their business to addressing quality of life businesses to parking issues, which is obviously a big one. for those problems we're working with city departments to raise those concerns and develop solutions. as i mentioned helping businesses comply with american's disability act is really important to us because of the impacts it has on the business and we're actively working with sbac and invest in neighborhoods. i want to bring francis to talk about our efforts. >> [inaudible] and to reduce the risks
has called at the city joint committee of the board of education and look forward to working with his office and dcyf and sfusd in making this a reality. i also want to acknowledge supervisor mar and yee who will also be cosponsoring this resolution and would like everyone to attend this meeting related to the children's fund and the public enrichment education fund. the focus of these meetings is to create a shared vision for children and families and dates and locations will be happening throughout the month of november throughout the city. you can find these on dcyf our children, our city, website. the last is in memoriam that i would like to smut. -- submit. i don't have the notes on that. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar? >> thank you, madam clerk, as a single dad, i'm happy that kim has just announced that norman and i all three board presidents are in support of that and i think it's critical for families and our neighborhoods. also supervisor campos referenced the tale of two cities and i'm proud to support the measure on the company sponsor of people being haras
of the mayor's office and on the fourth floor. i feel my education and preservation experience and background related to city hall's restoration give me expertise and thank you firing consideration >> any questions? >> i can't think of a question but thank you for your service. >> any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, supervisors happy halloween to supervisor breed, yee and cowen. i'm here as the chair of the city hall preservation advisory commission. patrick and i have known each other for a very, very long period of time. the recession of this building special tours involving international architects who have come to view this building and he is absolutely incredible. he posed a passion a passion which can't be super composed it has to come within. patrick is certainly a person who has this kind of passion and will add to our commission greatly. we've been without an architecture person in that role for a long time and he will fill it incredibly well. it is my recommendation that he be appointed and approved to the city hall preservation commission and is in place in one
turn to two percent of your monthly income. >> you can enroll in free educational services online. just as it -- visit with services like financial education classes and one-on-one meetings with advisers, asset smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing, saving, investing, and protecting your money. the network offers access to hundreds of financial aid programs. to help their eruptions, fill out the quick questionnaire, and you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f. program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today. >> the right to vote allows us to vote for candidates or party and it is a significant way to have our voice heard. exactly 100 years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrag
in supplying restaurants with high quality foods. the director for urban education about sustain able agriculture otherwise known as -- it's an operation that operates the world famous farmers market. since 1993 the market has served a critical link between our residents and local farmers and offers the best quality products available. the market plaza serves many businesses in the south of market. it offers programs about sustain able agriculture. including cooking, programs and youth group. and they have cooking demonstrations top bay area chefs and they demonstrate recipes and ingredients purchased that morning. i have offered several pieces of legislation. i'm appreciative of the work that mr. stock dale and colleagues have done to contribute to the promotion of the sustain able agriculture and our food system. i want to thank you on behalf of the organization. please join me in thanking him. [ applause ] >> thank you very much for this very unusual recognition because we are not a restaurant. we are the supplier to the restaurants. and that is a critical link that we are proud t
and file wanted the future to earn their positions and they wanted them to commit to education and wanted them to commit to hard work and that where john comes in and insurances us and the citizens that we serve and these people are committed to hard work and committed to being knowledgeable about what is good about our city. we will represent mostly construction workers and build the buildings and sometimes we have a falling out with our friends in the environment and often times we find the common grountd and talking about the public sector workforce. i am proud of the people that we have been able to graduate and how we have been honest about the people who were not committed to doing the work for 30 years or so, and that was kind of the key, and earn these jobs and respect your duty and take care of this important business, my hope is that you will all take interest in this program moving forward that you will accept our invitation to come on down and that you will recognize that nikki, and teresa and romon and joan are the people that really put this program together and unlike most
-- what was interesting for me is the painting of the green stripes and there's a whole education component of this in terms of how they're designing it and where vehicles -- you know, where they're proposing for vehicles and the bicycle lanes to sort of merge so that cars and trucks can make a right hand turn. i think that needs to be some thought out -- i said are you going to write on the street for right turn enter here and they hadn't thought about that so i think that's where there's potential of risk with that because i -- you know, and even after having this conversation and knowing sort of, like, the serrated green stripe means that's where a vehicle can pass through, as i was coming home i wanted to make a right on to 9th street and realized oh, i had passed that serrated area. you know, even though i had that conversation, i am still not accustomed in my mind, you know, of that's where i enter to make the right hand turn and so being cognizant of that, you know, i went up a couple more blocks before i made my right hand turn instead of doing it, but i think that there n
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